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Gregor, ambassador to The Capital, scurries about his home gathering his family so they may quickly flee north to Stoneshire. Gregor was always a curious fellow but infrequently thought out the consequences of his actions. This had proven to be his biggest failing, as he stumbled upon a secret of the king so awful that he had to tell everyone. Within the hour the king decreed a warrant for Gregor's arrest and execution for acts against the crown. Gregor never was a brave man, nor had he ever held a sword in his life. He was a nobleman like his father before him, and that means he is above such acts. He knew his only choice would be to seek asylum in the north. However what he does not know is the long and dangerous road ahead of him, one where he may want to plan his decisions more carefully. 

The Game

The Ambassador is a twin-stick shooter where your every action has a consequence. Level by level you will make your way north. You will be presented by multiple decisions, some more obvious than others, and experience their outcomes. No decision is wrong or right, the only thing that matters is if it makes sense at the time.


Currently we are presenting a demo. The Demo has been play tested and should be stable with minimal bugs. The Ambassador is planned to release in December on Steam, for which we have already been green-lit, and itch.io. If the game performs well we intend to release for mac and other platforms. We hope you enjoy the game and look forward to your feedback! - Ryan Throw and TJ Acre

***NOTE TO STREAMERS AND LETS PLAYERS: We have heard that some people are having issues recording the game in full screen mode. We advise that you test recording full screen first before continuing recording the game. We always are sad when we hear of people accidentally recording 40 minutes of their desktop. 




TheAmbassador.exe 52 MB

Development log


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I like this game, it's a good challenge. I didn't understand how to
regain health but I managed to go quite far with one heart. I think that
the torches radius could be a little be more wide or slow down a bit
the freezing because it chews up hearts instantly and when you are
dealing with monsters it's not easy to keep track of all those things.

Keep up the good work!

Hey Man it was great watching you! We will look at the freezing mechanic and see if we can find a way to balance it a bit more. As afr as the health goes I'd recommend talking to the guy you save in level 5 ;) 

Well, I wasn't able to save him... but if it's that important couldn't you make him easier to save or I just killed him in the heat of the battle?

Well if you beat the level you save him. You might have accidentally killed him. We'll work on communicating this element better in the game.

Hey everyone. Looking to get some data from you. If you played the game and have a moment, would you mind commenting the computing hardware you ran it on and if you had any issues? We're trying to get a gauge of how well its running and if we should optimize further. Thanks -Ryan and TJ

I'm pretty high specs so I dind't had problems running the game (i7 6700 and GTX 970 ),  sometimes the music wuold stop but by pressing M it will start back. Is it possible to lock the mouse in the window since I went out of it a couple of times and when I re entered the game the character would move by itself for a while.

is there controls for mouse and keyboard or only for controller?

The demo currently only supports keyboard and mouse. The full version will have controller support.


This was super frustrating in parts, but in the right way. Back to the old school style of gaming where you have to try, try and try again. I appreciated that (despite my evident rage haha)!

I love the adventure / RPG style mixed in with the swarm of enemies mechanics too, makes it nice and relaxing for a second when you get to just talk to someone. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing a whole lot more =)

I did a playthrough too, took me two parts though, had to give my poor hands a rest!


Thanks man! We're happy you liked it! Can't wait to watch part 2! Let me know when it's ready!


Well here we are, as requested! Part 2 is up and done and full of even more rage haha! Really enjoyed going through this, and really looking forward to seeing more in the future =)

Awesome work!


Hey you beat it! That's awesome! We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to watching you more once we release the full version should you choose to play it!


Hey everyone. First of all we want to thank everyone who did video's, reviews, and reached out to us with feedback. We have a lot to go off of now and have a list of things to make the demo, and thus the final game better. We are currently working on a web port of the demo so that it may be played in the browser. We intend on this to be completed by the end of next week at the latest. We will allow the game to be played in the browser or by download after the port is complete so don't worry if you prefer to play the game locally on your machine. We will be making the following changes in the coming demo update as well:

Edits to text errors 

Rebalance of level 1

Better weapons visibility when on ground

Communication of some game elements that people haven't noticed

Buff to final boss

A possible rebalance and tweak to the time stop mechanic

Thanks again and we hope you guys are enjoying it,

Ryan Throw and TJ Acre


Just played your game! made it a two part series! 

will post the next one tomorrow :) this game is awesome! keep it going!

Dude that's awesome!! We're so glad you liked it and cant wait for part 2! Also that text error in level 2 has been added to the list of things to fix. Thanks for pointing it out


just uploaded part two! :) hope you guys can make everything like you wish to! this game is very interesting.


Three playthroughs later... I think I managed to do well. :) Can't wait to see the full release. 

Great play through! We were really excited to watch you beat it!

Thank you. It's been tough, the sword really makes a difference. :)